Server Mods Download

How to Install Forge:

1. Download the Installer: Version 1.12.2-8.1.2 Forge 2854
2. Double click the Installer to run it
3. Make sure Install Client is selected and that your .minecraft folder is the selected target to install on
4. Click OK
5. The popup message will tell you if the installation was successful or not

How to Install Mods from ZIP File:

1. Download and unzip/extract the file. Have the UltraPixel Mods folder open in another window.
2. Press ⊞ Win + R
3. Type in %appdata% then press OK
4. Go to your .minecraft folder
5. Find and open the mods folder
6. Drag the mods from the UltraPixel Mods folder to the mods folder. Also locate the Reforged Mod downloaded and place in mods folder.